Mark Contanidia

Thank you for being the absolute best caregiver (Janelle) I could ever dream of having. Just as Michelle said she hand picked you for me.You are my caregiver angel, sent from Heaven. Thank you for passion for what you do and taking such good care of me and taking the edge off my family so they can continue their lives.

Brandy Hellein

Thank you from the depths of my heart for the selfless gift of love you continually give to mom. Your compassion shines thru and thru. May God bless you richly!

Coute H.

Thank you Chancey for knowing exactly what we needed at every moment: for the “half-hot” water with lemon, the shoulder to cry on, the special essential oils, the nutritious lunches packed with care for the hospital appointments, the pep talks, tracking the med schedule, doing “the bagel”, the crazy kitchen dances. You are incredible and I love you to the moon and back!


Thank you for giving all of yourself so selflessly to make sure my grandpa felt safe and loved during the last months of his life. He loved you all at SHC so much and called for you until his death. You are a gem!

J. Derrick

Words alone can never truly express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the caregivers of Salkeld home care. Sam has been in my life caring for me and giving me encouragement throughout my illness. I’ve been so blessed! It’s encouraging to know that I’ve found an agency who cares and supports others without any judgement.

Bill Lander

God had given you a special talent. He has blessed you with a loving passionate heart. He works in the most mysterious ways. I can never thank you enough for all the love and care that your caretakers showed my mom during her transition out of the hospital. Your owner Michelle is the most precious lady we have ever met. Not only did she match us up with the best caregivers you can see that she loves what she offers to her family’s in need. You all are part of our family to me now!

Tracy Willis

Salkeld HC shows love, care, and true compassion for not only the patient in need who is my sister but for the entire family that needs it. Continue to do your healing work.

Lisa Sonte

I mean a huge Shout out to Salkeld Home Care and their companions! Who answers there phone on the first day of the new year and shows up to help! This team of incredible people. We are so thankful for you help, wisdom and passion for your work. Thank you Stephanie for taking our call and directing us into the hands of the best nurse and her caregivers ever.
May you continue to be blessed.

Jackie Hill

We are so grateful for the care that Salkeld Home Care has provided to our daughter during her post op surgical procedure. Surgery was unexpected and we were at a loss of what to do your kind and compassionate caregivers are Hands down the best! Not only was our caregiver knowledgeable, on time, kind and compassionate to my daughters needs she even made sure to communicate with both my husband and I daily without hestiation, she even drove our daughter to her physical therapy appointments. Thank you again for alleviating the stress of caring for our daughter in the comfort of our home while we tended to our jobs. Blessed in Queen Creek,

C. Rodgers

Your company is like having my own family take care of my sister during her time of need. Your caregivers have become more than just someone helping my family my sister says it’s like having a friend here with her at all times. Thank you for giving us comfort and peace during this stressful time. Keep doing what you all do.

Mandy Moore

I would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to Salkeld Home Care and it’s team of caregivers. I am so glad that I found you to assist us during the time we needed to help care for my father. You helping us allowed us to just be family that loved on my father. Thank You. Again.

Tom and Sherry Gibson

My wife and I would like to personally thank you for your assistance with helping us with the care of my daughter during her recovery from her surgery. We know that it was a stretch with the timing of getting her all set and signed on to your home care services. My wife Sherry was so pleased with your honesty with being in Mexico at the time of our call as you were going thru your own battle of cancer and taking time out of your treatment day to assist us back here in the states. As you know my daughter is back on her feet and pretty much able to hold her own. Finally.

Again Thank you for your incredible kindness and knowledge that you shared with our family.

Chad Hammond

A Quick SHOUT out to Salkeld Home Care. You are all Rockstars at caring for others.

Many blessings in your future,

Jack Rochester

Salkeld Home Care it is with the upmost sincere gratitude that the Rochester family would like to thank your company for all that you do. From the start your group handled us all which I can assure you is not easy. We appreciated your hard work and how your team handled the numerous number of phone calls from the various family members that were concerned with our father during his time of need. Your kindness, compassion, and love for what you do truly shows through daily without a doubt.

Tandy and Logan Dash

Well it’s Halloween and I’m writing a quick note to say a Special Boo Thank you for caring for my fiancé.

He has made a full recovery and I believe without your pep talks of staying positive while healing he would still be sitting around feeling sorry for himself. From the moment that we first talked on the phone I knew Logan was in the right hands. Thank you for stepping in and lending a helping hand when I needed to be at work to keep our house in running order. Natalie was great as well.

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Want to leave your testimony?